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Real Estate Investment Approach

We Do Not Follow Standard Fund Models. Our private equity real estate funds avoid large administration costs and do not settle for investments that generate modest value. We specialise in land acquisition where the value potential is higher than standard off-plan purchases, bulk purchases and development projects.

We achieve Substantial Value and minimise risk at every stage of the funds lifecycle through our investment approach and criteria to real estate investment. Our Management Team has a 4 Year Track Record of ROI >40% p.a., outperforming listed real estate funds that typically offer minimum 12-20%.

We understand value is diminished where double pricing exists between a “real market” for locals and a “discriminatory market” for foreigners. We maintain staff permanently on the ground to oversee our investments rigorously and build Key Relationships that lead to competitive advantage. We benefit from access to many prime projects through unique synergies with Pace Capital project identification and fund sourcing services.

We deploy Leveraging Strategies in order to acquire further sites, maximising returns and providing further location Risk Diversification. Investments are secured through partial ownership of the underlying real estate asset.

We utilise Tax Efficient Structures that take advantage of Double Taxation Treaties.

Pace Capital raises closed-end funds through a Private Limited Offering. Our fund structure allows individuals to co-invest in prime sites, while minimising risk exposure to individual properties.

We often Invest Alongside Our Clients ensuring an alignment of interests and personal stake in the fund’s performance.

Acquisition Strategy 
Target locations with sustainable economic growth, favourable demographics and restricted supply.

Acquire attractive and competitive sites that are priced below market value offering attractive capital gains.

Acquire sites without suitable Zoning Permits with high potential of converting into Town Zoning. Offering substantial capital appreciation.

Asset Management Strategy
Pace Capital adds value by enhancement of existing zoning, build co-efficient and delivering project proposal for Residential, Tourism and Commercial projects.

Exit Strategy
Exit onto Developers or Investment Funds within 3- 5 year exit terms.

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